Chef Infra Foundations

Course Description

During this three-day command-line driven adventure, you will develop a solid foundation for managing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of servers the way many other successful companies do – by using Chef. And because so many companies have both Windows and Linux servers in their environments, we teach you the technical intricacies of managing and integrating both platforms.

Modern computing architectures involve multiple servers, cloud-based virtual machines and containers working together to form a greater system. Each of the components in this system need to be configured automatically and reliably to actively participate in the larger computing infrastructure. Chef Infra automates the complete configuration of most any computing system to deliver the services needed. Chef Infra Foundations is a comprehensive instructor-led course covering the basic architecture of Chef Infra and the use of Chef Workstation and its associated tools. In this course, development, engineering, and operations staff will learn to use Chef Infra to automate the configuration, deployment, and management of cloud and server infrastructure. Each of the core units in this course has hands-on exercises to reinforce the material. Students will learn Chef by using it.

Course Duration 

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Course Agenda 

  • Using Chef resources – the building blocks
  • Building Chef recipes and cookbooks
  • Introduction to testing cookbooks with Test Kitchen
  • Collecting details about the system via Ohai
  • Attributes – writing dynamic code
  • Managing data with templates
  • Advanced templating – passing in variables
  • Storing your code in a repo – an introduction to Git
  • Workstation setup
  • Centralizing management with Chef Server
  • Using Community Cookbooks
  • Automating chef-client runs
  • Managing a multi-node infrastructure
  • Simplification and scalability through Roles
  • Power automation – invoking Chef Search
  • Staging versus Production – Environments
  • Using Databags to create user accounts on servers (optional)

Chef Infra Foundations