How Attainable Works

On the Attainable Platform, we combine the best of Instructor-Led Training (ILT), eLearning, and Video recording while eliminating the negatives of each modality.

The result is an exponentially more effective learning experience for your customers, your partners, and your employees, by fitting the learning they need into the lifestyle they want.

First, we make sure all your technical content is replicated across all the three types of training, so your ILT, your interactive eLearning and your Video learnings all match,  allowing learners to engage with your content in the style and time that works for them. They can even repeat modules in any modality. For example; they could take an ILT, then decide they didn't really understand something and repeat that section in an eLearning or Video learning, as many times as needed.

Second, we don't leave people stuck in an eLearning or Video learning without a live instructor to help them.  We have frequent Office Hours so they can get unstuck and move on with their learning experience.

Third, we provide a comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System, the tool that becomes the hub of your learners experience) called "The Attainable Platform" that
allows them to schedule and take ILT classes, eLearning courses and Video learning courses.  It also lets them generate their own unique eLearning based on the exact tech stack they want to learn.

Then, you can create walled gardens for each individual customer, partner or your employees and control what courses each group can see.

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